One year


What does it feel like to parent a Muhammad Ali in this age? My son is almost 1 and I am struck already by his strength, his laugh, his heft.

First Ali feels like a bowling ball. Ali was 18 lbs at his last doctor’s appointment. I definitely see the benefits of my health club’s strength training and Zumba classes helping my ability to carry and chase after Ali. I call him “aloo” or potatoes in Bengali because he is hearty and hefty. It’s odd to compare children to vegetables, but hey I’m weird.

Ali has a hearty laugh as he chases after his sister. He screams with gusto every time he wants to get my attention.

Here are my top 5 for Ali:

1. Muhammad Ali loves to stand on his own. Free standing. And he gives me a huge grin every time.

2. He has 4 teeth.

3. He loves to give me kisses. He basically tries to eat my face with his lips. Best. Kiss. Ever. I remember How my daughter did the same at her age.

4. He moves so fast. He can climb the entire staircase going up on his own.

5. He says “nana” and Mama.

He is at the Thirsty Koala, having brunch like a boss. Actually a picture of the floor covered with food that he dropped is a better indication of his boss status.

Brunch with a not quite 1 year old in an Australian bar. Check.

Thirteen hour road trip to Canada right before Christmas. Check.

Play date with his slightly older cousins and new friends and neighbors. Check.

Storytime at the Queens Central Library with Nani with 10 new other kids. Check.

New Years Eve, Ali stayed up until 9pm at the party and still woke up at his usual 7am. He did his first New Years Eve Party at his grandparents house, ate fried and grilled wings and mango chutney among a list of many delectable items.

It’s been quite a busy few weeks with my family, more so for me because I am now happily and gratefully at home with them.

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