The weekend that Biden won …


We visited my parents, ate chicken pot pie and watched the acceptance speeches of Kamala and Joe at a friends’ house, dressed up as princesses for an outdoor birthday party, visited the lake near my house, and finally saw my in-laws. That’s just Saturday and Sunday. Sandwiched between all these activities was a golden moment in time.

The first American woman was elected to the highest office—Kamala Harris cracked the glass ceiling.

My 5 year old said, we did too much Mama. Maybe 5-6 different places over 2 days seems like too much for a child.

We’ve been running on empty. I think the last four years, organizers have been doing so much. Putting their health on hold to fight the newest attack, and to hold the line for everyone so that our children can have a better future. There was soo much at stake and that effort paid off. My prayers and those of millions of believers have been answered. No more of the Orange Man.

Instead of dressing our girls as princesses, maybe we should dress them up as presidents. Give them higher aspirations than singing, dancing, lucky-to-find-a-prince Disney characters. As mothers we have to do better. I’m guilty of playing into the princess trope but I hope to give her more to aspire to.

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