Ramadan Day 6 – Teachers


The past few days, the skies have cried. The rain pours down in buckets. I feel like I’m trapped with no desire to go out (also because I parked on the street and not the garage).

The rain is a mercy, my friend Nura reminded me today, and this first third of Ramadan is a mercy. I ask for forgiveness for all my shortcomings; I try to amend my wrongs; I repay our debts (thanks Artina).I must find good deeds at home, with no place to go. Luckily, my cousin visited with her 3 kids which gave us a break from the monotony.

The third consecutive day of rain means a certain level of cabin fever has reached me.

So I turn to Youtube, my knowledge companion. I am blown away by how much I can learn from Youtube. I am grateful for all my teachers. They have shaped who I am becoming. There are a couple of groups I turn to regularly while doing housework, or during the transition times. Some of my top resources are:

Yaqeen Institute – Judgment Day:

Yaqeen Institute – Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 3:

Rabata – Retreat with the Quran:

Other Recommended Series

Yasir Qadhi – The Manners of the Believers:

Mufti Menk – Ramadan Boost 2022:

Yaqeen Institute – Ramadan Du’as on Repeat:

The benefit of writing everyday is that I have an accurate account of how the days are actually going, rather than how I think or imagine they are going, There is a track record. And on the third day of rain, my kids and I listened to a bunch of talks, watched Ramadan songs, packed food for others.

Photo by Dhyamis Kleber on Pexels.com

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