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Hello, my name is Sadia. I’m glad you stopped by.

A little about me – I grew up in a loving home with my Abbu and Ma and brother. I studied philosophy in college and surprisingly as an adult, I have struggled to make philosophy applicable to my daily life. As a child I loved the library, and as an adult, I still do.  I have run out of space in my house for my books, which line the corners of my walls. My children now have more books than I did at their age, and I worry about the rate of accumulation.

I used to work in corporate philanthropy. I am glad I am able to meet people where they are now versus making them into something they were not. It was a good place to learn but not a good place to act faithfully. Work is always a moving target. I want my writing to be my work, and look for opportunities to write meaningfully about issues I care about.

In my faith tradition, I was taught to always start in the name of God. Everything worthwhile begins in His name. And so, like all good things in life, I downloaded an app, and said Bismillah and started to write. I also titled the blog as bismillah. My faith teaches me that intention is more important than deed.

I hope to share with you my adventures and milestones. I pray this place makes you laugh, think and helps you remember how blessed you are to be in this world.

A word about the title. I admired Muhammad Ali a lot. I only knew him through film and movies but my husband attended Ali’s funeral in Louisville, KY. My husband drove while fasting 18 hours (it was Ramadan) to pay his final respects to the Greatest of All Time. The GOAT might not be there, but we are raising little GOATs of our own, these little humans who are the center of my world. This is the greatest moment of time to be a mother to extraordinary little people. I tagged this blog as the Greatest of All Time. I seek to make the everyday the greatest of all time, to honor the legacy of a great and beloved man, as well as raising a child of the same name.

Below are flowers that I love.

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