Grand Opening

The past few days, and more importantly, nights have been me as solo caregiver. My husband had an important anniversary at work, and was thanking his clients with a beautiful catered lunch and networking program. From flower arrangements, to hiring a clown for the kids entertainment, to flying in and escorting guests/clients from Canada and out of town, he has had his hands full. I am proud of him. He has built a business for 10 years and we got to celebrate his team and clients this weekend.

While there was a lot of prep for this big function, I was caring for two sick kids this weekend. I was cleaning their snot, doing multiple steam baths, cooking and feeding soup and taking time out of the office to nurse my kids back to health. To me, this caregiving is one of the most important tasks I could do, and it is a privilege to be responsible to do it. I carved out 1.5 hours for my Zumba class on Sunday with my friend Ayesha and venting about how this is the time I need to let off some steam. With anything worth doing, there is sacrifice. With my kids, I feel like I need to sacrifice career right now. With my husbands work anniversary, he needed to sacrifice time with his family. I think these are directly correlated and therefore important to reflect on: roles and responsibility.

I hope that I can find the clarity and generosity of spirit to do what needs to be done.

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