2020 Or the Year of twirling


Covid-19 has turned so much upside down. There has been the usual things — death, loneliness, public health catastrophe, paranoia and anxiety permeating from every pore. My daughter often twirls in the air and collapses from the effort. I feel like that is the metaphor for how we are spinning, so fast, again and again and collapsing on the ground.

There are some bright spots.

I achieved many of the goals I set out, by the Grace of God. As of August, I am a philanthropic consultant. I have fully embraced the homeschooling life for my kindergartener. In February before the lockdowns, my family and I visited the most beautiful place on earth, more magical and diverse than Disney world which I also had visited last December. We were in Madina. My children saw the Kaba. I took them to their spiritual home, to a place where millions of strangers were like family, offering my children food, toys and chocolates after each prayer.

In 2020 I began reading like my life depended on it. Each week, after the libraries opened up again, I began reading 20 books. Every 3 weeks I would return the books and bring another 20 books. I’ve read more books than I have in the past 10 years total. Of course, many of the titles are children’s novels, the classics, and short picture books. Still, each book counts because I learn something new and different. I share what I learn with my children too.

2020 was the year I made new friends. I am part of a homeschooling pod of montessori moms and we enjoy teaching our kids together. I have joined new groups. I even made new friends!

I have started learning Arabic grammar. I memorize Arabic verbs when the lights are out and whenever I have 5 minutes of “nothing.” It’s been fantastic to be able to dissect a sentence into its parts in the language of my Book.

I joined workshops on storytelling and am inspired to write again. I make the commitment afresh. Like clothes that are stained with spaghetti sauce but just need some soap and water and voila! — new again. I participated in a literary conference and my head and heart are full of the beautiful stories.

I’ve deepened relationships with friends. Some are going through very hard times, divorce, covid, sick parents, everything at once. But they keep smiling and being grateful. I’ve deepened relationships in a way that I cannot go a day without talking to my friends.

And, today actually is November 2, Election Day. I ask for Gentleness and ease for our country, whatever the outcome. More changes to come!

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