Ramadan Day 17: Infinite Shukr

Today my eldest turned 7.

My child is the reason I became a mother. 

The answer to a lifetime of duas.

The reason I have inherited the most beautiful title of “ma.”  

My intention is only to inspire others to do some good today. 

Please consider giving sadaqa or zakat to this wonderful local  organization in Jersey that helps families and children: Wafa House Campaign

Here’s the full link: https://www.launchgood.com/campaign/spread_the_barakah_blessing_power?src=39759

I met the founder of Wafa House, one fine day over the summer.  We walked together last year, around her son’s block and I could barely keep up with her despite the 30 years between us. I was deeply moved by her, not just physically but emotionally. She has so much energy, and love for her children and grandchildren– and she sees all children as part of one family. She described herself as the Chief Engineering Officer of her home. She raised her family and helped raise hundreds of other families too in the process of building this organization.

I made an intention to support anything that she supports. 

It is a small wonder that her legacy is one that I wish to honor, and preserve as I reflect on the day of my daughter’s birth. 

My daughter aspires to be a mother one day, and that is sufficient for me. #Alhamdullilah

Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.com

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