Ramadan Day 21: Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter 

Earlier this year I wrote ​​a piece titled Dear Son. Here is the accompaniment to that. 

This weekend you recited two suras I could barely read. You did it from memory in a gathering of 100 adults and kids, You fasted an entire day. You write stories, and make plays. You picked out white patent shoes to go with your white purse. You make friends wherever you go. Mashallah.

I thank the Creator that I am your Mama, and that you are my daughter.

 I thank the Creator for each and every person that has been part of our journey: Abba, Nana, Nani, Dadi, Dadu, Mamu, Mami, Chachu, and the generations that came before us, and that will proceed us. All the khalas and chachis who brighten up our days, and answer your questions. 

I am grateful for your kindness to me, how you always notice my tears, and ask me “Did I do anything you didn’t like today?” each day. I am grateful that you dress yourself in princess dresses and costume jewelry. I love that you take my scarves and find new ways to repurpose them into skirts and capes. 

I am grateful that you help me plan out the calendar, which I do only because you make me do it. When you ask me, “What’s the plan for today” I am usually making up the answer. 

I am grateful for how you narrate videos, how you read and recite, how you draw and create things with things I have lying around. 

I am grateful for all the things that make you you.

I am grateful that you are there for your little brother to play with/ fight with. He needs someone just like you, to show him how to be kind and gentle. You help us all be a little more gentle.

I took you shopping for shoes because we could not find your dress shoes. Your drawers are always open, and clothes and books are all over the place. I am in awe of the Creator who does not clone adults. Yet sometimes I wonder…

You are a good mixture of the best of all of our family members. Your sense of style is from your Nani, how you are loved by those you meet even if briefly is from your Nana. You captivate people, as is your name. Your memory is from your Dada. Your manners and character are from your Abba.   I love playing pretend “best friends” with you, and answering 100 questions a day. I love the little letters and notes that you leave for me to read and the drawing you make in my planner. Your love of jewelry and dolls is from your Dadi. I love that your imagination is wild and free, and that instead of 30 hours in a classroom, I am able to give you the entire week of playdates, field trips, and explorations.  This week, I gave you a lot of online math games, and Wild Kratts..but outside of this month, we do a lot of fun things.

I am grateful to God that I am your mother, and that you are a miracle.

If you are inspired by a child in your life, please consider giving to a charity that supports children and families. This year I chose Wafa House. You can find the link at the bottom of here. #alhamdulilah #mashallah #praiseHim

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